Sabtu, 15 November 2014


POWERFUL PREPARATION - Cerita Motivasi dan Inspirasi Nomor 1

It can instantly and dramatically heighten your awareness. It can literally make you stronger. It can teach you and prepare you to face difficult challenges. It can energize you, excite you, and get you moving in a hurry.

Or it can stop you cold. It can overwhelm you if you let it, and prevent you from doing anything.

It is fear. And the way you respond to fear can make all the difference in the world. When you retreat from what you fear, you end up with an ever-growing list of things to fear, and ironically, you spend more and more time living in fear. To truly rid yourself of fear, you must face that fear and move through it.

Fear is powerful, often more powerful than the thing you fear. When fear is there you cannot help but feel it. So go ahead and feel it, listen to it, and learn from it. Then move confidently and competently forward through whatever challenge your fear has so powerfully prepared you to face.

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